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Challengers in Nihonga - Taikan, Shunsō, Kokei, and Gyoshū

This exhibition commemorates the 120th anniversary of the Japan Art Institute, which promotes nihonga, or Japanese painting. Made up of about 50 paintings from the museum’s collection, the exhibition is centered around the works of Yokoyama Taikan, Hishida Shunsō, Kobayashi Kokei, and Hayami Gyoshū, all members of the institute. Highlights includes all eight paintings from Scenes from the Legend of Kiyohime, by Kokei and Gyoshū’s Camellia Petals Scattering, an Important Cultural Property, on view from October 16 to November 11.

Yokoyama Taikan ―The Elite of the Tokyo Art World

This exhibition showcases the work of Yokoyama Taikan, who is known for nihonga, or Japanese-style (as opposed to Western-style) painting using specific materials. (You can read more about nihonga here.) The museum’s founder, Yamazaki Taneji, had a close relationship with the artist and the museum’s entire collection of Taikan’s work is on display, including several depictions of Mount Fuji and other scenes from the natural world.