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Mami Kosemura: Phantasies Over Time

Mami Kosemura presents what appears at first glance to be classic art - still lifes and portraits. Taking time with the works reveals modern twists. A still life of fruit reveals decay; the flowers in the vase are wilted and fresh. The artist combines photography and video to highlight change over time. 

TOP Collection: Learning - Into the Pictures

The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum’s (TOP) current exhibition theme is Enjoying and Learning and its latest exhibition is a beautiful collection of photographs from world famous photographers. The curators ask the viewer to take a closer look, to ask questions about the subject, to think about what’s going on out of the frame, to wonder about the photographer, to ponder what’s going on where the photograph is taken. Several photographs have questions provided to prompt the viewer.

Geneses of Photography in Japan: Nagasaki

The Nagasaki photographs are the first in series of exhibits focusing on the birth of photography in Japan. There are maps, prints, scrolls and books highlighting pre-photography Nagasaki. The early photographs include panoramas of the city, older wooden buildings and scenes from life in 19th century and early 20th century Japan.