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Leiko Ikemura: Our Planet - Earth & Stars

Leiko Ikemura: Our Planet - Earth & Stars

In a nutshell

Leiko Ikemura is a Japanese-Swiss artist who lives and works in Germany. This exhibition includes artwork from her 40 year career. Charcoal drawings, photographs, paintings on canvas and jute, sculptures, and large scale prints. The artist focuses on the natural world - trees, mountains, horizons - and women, both girls and Amazon women. Highlights include recent large scale paintings of the cosmos, over-sized prints of Amazon women, and the Usagi Kannon, a large-scale sculpture of a rabbit/goddess hybrid.

The venue

The National Art Center, Tokyo is an enormous, modern gallery space. This exhibition is in the Special Exhibition Gallery 1E on the ground floor.

English? (labels/audio guides/handouts)

All of the information, the wall text and the handout, is in English. There is no audio guide.


Artworks that may be photographed are clearly marked.

The feels

This exhibition draws you in with beautiful, almost abstract depictions of nature with alluring color choices. The paintings and sculpture of girls and women are portrayed simply but with complex emotions.


Anyone who enjoys an artist’s retrospective, beautifully rendered paintings or interesting sculptures.

How far out?

Exit 6 from the Nogizaka Station on the Chiyoda Line takes you directly to the venue.

How much time?

About an hour. There are over 200 works of art.

How much money?

¥1,000 for general admission.

Until when?

April 1, 2019

Rating: make a special trip, see it if you’re in the area or have some free time, see it only if you like this specific type of art

Worth seeing if you have some free time.



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