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Catastrophe and the Power of Art

Catastrophe and the Power of Art

In a nutshell

“What art can do in chaotic times where the future is uncertain.” Under the theme of catastrophe, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, these artists use their talents to help us process these events through their personal vision and expression. The artwork concerns all types of tragedies, from personal experiences to large cataclysmic events. There are a wide variety of media - videos, photographs, paintings, sculptures, illustrations, models, and more - used to both depict disasters both large and small and process these events through creativity in the aftermath.

The venue

The Mori Art Museum is located on the 53rd floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. Don’t miss Tokyo City View on the 52nd floor and is included in the admission price.

English? (labels/audio guides/handouts)

All of the information is in English and there is an audio guide available.


Photos of most pieces are allowed.

The feels

There is a lot to appreciate and process in this exhibition. Some of the artwork is really gorgeous (Ikeda Manabu’s Rebirth), much is disturbing (Horio Sadaharu’s Earthquake Landscapes), most everything is thought provoking and interesting.


Anyone interested in art as a means of expression, commentary and hope.

How far out?

Located in Roppongi Hills about a five minute walk from the Roppongi metro station.

How much time?

About an hour, much more if you watch all the videos.

How much money?

¥1,800 for general admission.

Until when?

January 20, 2019

Rating: make a special trip, see it if you’re in the area or have some free time, see it only if you like this specific type of art

Worth seeing if you’re in the area.



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