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Monet’s Legacy

Monet’s Legacy

In a nutshell
Most art lovers enjoy Monet and the Japanese are no exception. Monet’s Legacy is like three exhibitions in one: beautiful paintings by Monet and works in homage to or inspired by Monet by artists inside and outside of Japan. Almost all of the Monets are from museums in Japan, providing an opportunity to see these works in one place. Works by international artists include artist superstars such as Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning. The curators selected photographs, video and other types of artwork by Japanese artists to further demonstrate the influence of Monet. 

The venue
The Yokohama Museum of Art is a large museum with a large open entry area with sculptures on display and exhibition space on the second floor.

Insider tip
Any time there is a line to get into the line to buy tickets, you know the exhibition is popular. If you are in a hurry, buying your ticket ahead of time and/or going at an off time could save some time.

English? (labels/audio guides/handouts)
The introduction, chapter information, title cards and list of works is in English. Any additional information is in Japanese as is the audio guide. The website includes lots of information in English.

No photos allowed. 

The feels
Monet’s work is always a pleasure to experience in person. It was interesting to see which artists and works were chosen in the spirit of homage.

Because of the different types of art and the continuing appeal of Monet, most art lovers will enjoy this exhibition.

How far out?
About an hour from the center of Tokyo. Less than a five minute walk from Minatomirai Station in Yokohama (take Exit 3 and cross through the mall).

How much time? 
About 45 minutes.

How much money?
¥1,600 for general admission 

Until when?
September 24, 2018

Rating: make a special trip, see it if you’re in the area or have some free time, see it only if you like this specific type of art
Make a special trip.


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