Tokyo has so much art.

So much! I love spending hours seeing the latest exhibitions and finding the coolest galleries. But I keep thinking I’d like to know a few things before venturing out. 

  • Will any information be in English? 
  • Would a quick wiki search before going be helpful? 
  • Do I need to be an expert on Japan to enjoy the art?

I am an art lover who encourages English speakers in Tokyo to go see great art. As a professional project manager, I hit the jackpot and got to live in Paris for three years and feed a latent art addiction, enjoying everything from galleries in Belleville to lectures on the classics at the Louvre. Now I’m lucky again and living in Tokyo. My project management experience taught me the importance of data in making good decisions. Go See Art Tokyo provides the basic information you need about seeing art in Tokyo:

  • How much English is there?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Do I need to know anything before I go?

The best part is that Go See Art Tokyo provides a point of view with zero art jargon to help you make informed decisions about how you will spend your valuable free time:

  • Is it this exhibition you'll totally fall in love with?
  • Do you need to drop everything to go see it?
  • Is it for Japanese experts or for anyone who loves beautiful art?

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